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Sweetie Boy Welcomes Chief Operating Officer Tony Frank!

Sweetie Boy Repair and Sweetie Boy Transportation are proud to announce the addition of Tony Frank as the company’s Chief Operating Officer, effective April 2021. Tony will be a key member of the executive team, working alongside CEO Tyler McCormick, being responsible...

Sweetie Boy Towing & Repair Discounts

Sweetie Boy is happy to offer discounts for first responders & teachers! Give us a call to book your service and mention these offers. (833) 247-4727 We offer mobile repair services available by appointment 24/7. If it can't be preformed on-site, we offer free...

Sweetie Boy Brings The Repair Shop To You!

You can have a smoothie delivered to your home. What about auto repair? Sweetie Boy brings the repair shop to you.Our dedicated team of certified technicians understands that standard hours don't always apply when it comes to auto repair. That's why our mobile repair...

Sweetie Boy Grand Opening Event!

Sweetie Boy Repair provides a full line of professionally operated towing, recovery, and roadside assistance; as well as in-shop, mobile, fleet, diesel, and dealer automotive repair and maintenance currently available in the greater Richmond, Chesterfield, and Henrico...

Now Offering Virginia State Inspections

While it may seem tedious to get your car inspected every year, it's an essential way of staying knowledgeable on your vehicle's overall health. Sweetie Boy now offers Virginia State Inspections!Related ArticlesRepairMonday-Friday 8am-5pm Saturday & Sunday by...

Social Distancing Charity Cruise Event

As we all know the world is in a very delicate place, so we decided to put on a car cruise around Central VA to bring the community together and show that there is still support for those in need. Every participant was asked to bring at least 3 canned food items to be...

Understanding Your Car: Oil Changes

Here at Sweetie Boy we suggest changing your engine oil every 3000 - 5000 miles depending on how much you drive and what kind of vehicle you have. If you get behind on your oil it will build up sludge and will seize up your motor so you can’t drive it anymore.” “Check...

Understanding Your Car: Check Engine Light

Anytime you see a check engine light along with any warning light on your car's dashboard, don't ignore it. It could be something minor, or it could mean something more serious is happening internally. What could start as a small engine issue, could grow into a...

Understanding Your Car: AC/HVAC

If you have ever had to drive during a hot or cold day, you understand how essential it is to have a fully functional AC/HVAC system. As our shop manager, Keith explains, the AC unit in your car has a pretty comprehensive network of parts. Your car's air conditioning...



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